The Fastest Marketing e-Mail I’ve Ever Written

What do a sexy stapler, an SEO giraffe and Sun Tzu have in common?

Answer: they can all help you write amazing e-mails FAST:

If you’ve been using WPSqueeze page plugin for long, you’ll have discovered this already:

Getting the opt-in isn’t enough.

Once you’ve got it, you’ve got to DO SOMETHING with it. And that means sending e-mails.

Thing is, back when you were starting to look at making money online, you were probably told writing the e-mails was the easy part.

But… no.

I know I used to spend ages staring at the screen trying to think up what to write.

But I say ‘used to’, because the other day I got this:

Neil Murton is an A-grade copywriter who’s written for some huge launches and sold over $1,000,000 of products online.

You’d think someone who writes copy for a living would be saying you need to get a pro to do your e-mails.

But no. He says anyone can write a high-converting e-mail in 15 minutes.

And to prove it, he’s put his 7 best e-mail templates into an e-book.

I’m using one now, and I don’t think I’ve ever written an e-mail so fast.

There’s also a load of cool info on what REALLY makes people click on the links you send.

And unlike most other books on this subject, it’s a surprisingly fun read.

It’s available on Amazon for $25, but there’s also a secret page where it’s being sold at a discount to those in the know.

Like I said, the book’s already on Amazon at full price and I honestly don’t know how long he’s keeping this page up for. If you want the discount, best move fast: